Adding colour to communication “Turning words, thoughts and ideas into reality”

Trish Beaver is a lively creative person who uses words and communication as a tool to promote new ideas, businesses, products and ventures. She makes things happen by influencing people through story telling on social media and through blogging and other creative content methods. 





Social Media


Making Words Magic

Some people do magic tricks – they make a coin disappear and a rabbit pop out of a hat. I cannot do that kind of magic – but I have the ability to tell stories. To take words and knit them together into a story that is full of colour and texture. A story must be memorable and occasionally it must have the power to inspire.

Stories are the fabric of our society – we tell stories all the time. Words are powerful – they make and break relationships, crush dreams and build them. They can inspire people to do great things. I now use my writing skills to create magical content for all kinds of businesses.

I started my career in journalism. My first job was at the Sunday Times in Johannesburg as an intern. This was followed by decades of work in the media. Journalism taught me about relating to people in all situations. Doing interviews that get to the heart of a matter and in general the ways we communicate.

I mostly loved feature writing. Telling a story using the right words is an art. I believe everyone has a story to tell – they just need to be asked the right questions and it needs to be told in a gripping manner. A story is not just for bedtime or in books.  

I use stories to sell a product, an experience or a dream. In a way it is magic!

Trish Beaver