Some people have heard the term blogging and don’t really know how it fits into the social media scenario. Blogging started about ten years ago as a way for aspiring writers to record their thoughts in an on-line diary. This diary/blog could be private or shared for others to read. Nowadays a blog is an essential tool for any business that wants to attract clients to their website.

Hiring a professional blogger to create content for your blog – which is linked to your website – is an economical way to ensure you are communicating with your fan or client base.

A blogger must be a good writer, be able to communicate the thoughts, vision and needs of your company to the average reader that visits your website. Blog articles are like mini features that inform or entertain the readers.


A good blogger must also be creative and think of new ways to engage with the audience. They must think out the box and also have an idea of what is happening in the world so they can link to trends.

Bloggers have become mini celebrities on their own because of the content they produce – especially if they are an expert in their field or they are able to write in a style that is interesting.

Trish Beaver’s years as a feature journalist and the skills she developed have made her a natural blogger. She is able to write with ease on many topics with flair and enthusiasm.

The modern blog is a tool to engage the reader and to also create dialogue with the reader who can comment on what they read. As newspapers decline in popularity the bloggers have taken up a powerful role in influencing their followers.

Businesses who hire professional bloggers have a chance of reaching a wider audience through social media.

Social media marketing

If you haven’t heard of facebook, twitter and instagram then you must have been living in a cave somewhere remote or had your head in the sand. Social media has exploded onto the scene and is a part of our daily lives.

The internet is the perfect tool to spread ideas far and wide – to reach audiences you would never have imagines and the social media tools available can do this at very little cost in comparison to conventional advertising.

The idea behind these social media tools is to raise visibility on the Internet and to promote products and services. Social media sites are useful for building social (and business) networks.

They are vital in exchanging ideas and contributing to conversations. Social media networking has become so popular that it has affected the way the web operates.

Most business websites have links to their social media and they monitor these as a way to feel the customers reactions and to spread their product ideas and services.

Social media sites started as an inter-personal tool between friends and acquaintances and because of this they tend to communicate in a less formal fashion than traditional business communication.


These days people connect via groups with common interests and the common ground has opened up. The various social media platforms lend themselves to visuals and videos and this has upped the bar for businesses in the way they share ideas. Social media content must be catchy, relevant, brief and visual.

They can also interlink with the other social media platforms which ensures a wider reach.

To maximise your use of the most popular social media tools use a person who is familiar with the social media tools and who can be creative and effective. Social media can be monitored to see results.






These can all be disseminated across social media.

Trish Beaver has been using all of the social media platforms for the last ten years and has learnt the technology and she enjoys designing content and sharing information using this valuable outlet.


 If you have a new product, event, offering or service then you need to get people to know about it. There is a saying that says: “Nobody looks at a naked lady in the dark.”

This means that if you want to be noticed then you need to be seen.

While conventionally businesses have advertised in the newspaper – the declining readership of traditional media means you have to use more creative ways of attracting attention and getting the publicity you deserve.

Creating a vibrant publicity campaign is vital to the success of any new venture. Using social media, targeting the right audience. If you are going to pay for advertising, make sure it is in the right media. These are all aspects of creating brand awareness and publicity.

Trish Beaver is well known in the media industry and has many contacts. She can help you construct a publicity campaign that will suit your business and reach the people you are wanting to engage with. Large companies have a public relations department to deal with publicity and communications. Some outsource these functions to professionals on a “need” basis.

The best way to get publicity for a business is to get media coverage. Have you ever read a interesting and compelling story about a company and their product – the story made you want to know more. So you picked up the phone or went to their website to find out more.

That is the response you want.

    • This can be achieved by getting a feature story or news story written.


    • Increasing your business or personal profile in various industry magazines and media.


    • Participating in relevant industry or business conversations where you can be seen as an important contributor.


    • Sending newsletters of press releases containing pertinent information to your clients.


    • Creating dialogue with clients and prospective clients through social media


Freelance writing and photography

Trish Beaver has been a feature writer for more than two decades and her passion is to create a story that is both factual and fascinating by writing  for newspapers, magazines and online publications.

If you read a newspaper article or a magazine article that grips your attention for more than five minutes then you are probably reading a well-written feature article. The idea of this type of writing is to draw you in and make you want to know more.

Feature writing endeavours to reveal more than a short news story. It explains the background of an issue or a situation and helps the reader come to an understanding.

Feature articles can take many forms – a personal profile of a well known person, a look inside a business and its operations or a humorous insight into something.


Feature articles are nowadays described as “content” but in essence a good feature article is really a well told story. Stories never go out of fashion.

Whether they are creatively written or written in a narrative style they always have one common element: human interest. How does anything affect, intrigue or excite the average reader, customer or client.

Trish Beaver has won two awards for feature writing and she remains passionate about telling stories. She is also a talented  photographer who uses her journalism skills to enhance stories using photographs. The photographs capture a moment or emotion and are vital to share the essence of the story.

Trish Beaver can take photographs for events and social functions where the story is important.