Strelitzia (Lizzie) Sunshine has fled her broken marriage (the ex predictably ran off with a younger woman – the dog trainer to be precise).
She decides that the city is no place to be a single mother so she heads off to the countryside.
Seeking greener pastures she settles in a small suburb in the South African countryside. In Hilton – a pseudo-English village in the last outpost of KwaZulu Natal.
She settles determined to make a new life, find new friends and possibly a romantic interest.
Her best friend Annie, a pal from her varsity days lives here and Lizzie hopes that by immersing herself in the local culture she will distract her the daily grind and forget the past.
But life in this area is far from tranquil and she finds that far from being bored she is fascinated with the locals who are like extras in a Monty Python movie.
Colonial snobs, new age hippies, bible-bashers and irate Zulus all conspire to make her life interesting.
As if mid-life is not enough of a challenge she has her two children to deal with and a hard time finding work. She writes her daily observations in a haphazard diary style.

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