About Trish

” In recent years the media landscape has changed, so I have adapted to the times. It has been an incredible journey the past 20-odd years and my journey continues.

Recently I have transferred my writing skills and applied them to more modern applications: facebook, blogging, twitter and other social media. However, I have also kept in tune with the mainstream media by supplying travel copy, press releases and other write-ups for newspapers and magazines.

I have learnt a lot about the effectiveness of social media. I am also a fully-fledged face book fundi, blogger. I am talented on twitter and I write copy for the web.

Once upon a time …. I started my writing career at the Sunday Times as a cadet reporter in 1990, I covered a variety of stories and developed a love of feature writing. From the Sunday Times I moved to The Citizen daily newspaper and also worked at the Saturday Star and Sunday Star.


In KwaZulu Natal I have worked for The Witness and the Sunday Tribune –  I have written on a range of subjects across the years  from witchcraft to pole dancing.

My strengths are telling stories in a lively and original style –  from humorous columns, health, travel and tourism, local development, lifestyle, culture, spirituality and trends.

I am able to communicate and relate to many different types of people and cultures and I can tackle many subjects. Based in KZN  I continue to freelance for a variety of national newspapers.

My other passion is teaching and mentoring young people and I have lectured journalism, photography and other media related subjects for Damelin (JHB) and the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism.

My core skills are: Blogging, writing, publicity, web copy interviewing, researching, editing, facilitating/teaching, copywriting, proof-reading, script-writing, columns, photography, design and layout.

Most of all I love to use my skills to promote others.